Wireless Innovation Arena creates innovative services based on new technologies

Wireless Innovation Arena focuses on the industry for wireless communication in Upper Norrland where organisations together with users create innovative services based on new technologies.

Wireless Innovation Arena aims to create favorable conditions for small and medium-sized companies in Upper Norrland. Together with academia, institutes, large companies, the public sector and end-users, we will develop skills and competitive products and services. This will primarily be done in the area of ​​wireless communication, specifically 5G, which is an important enabler for the internet of things to reach its full potential.

5G Test Environment
An important part of the project is the 5G test environment, "5G Innovation Hub North", at Luleå University of Technology, which is in collaboration with Telia. There, companies can easily perform different types of tests and experiments to validate new products and services.

We welcome companies to conduct tests and experiments in the 5G test environment. We contribute with:
• Support, advice and validation when developing new offers
• Research collaboration and collaborations between Luleå University of Technology and the research institute RISE

Overall, Wireless Innovation Arena develops an ecosystem of actors, processes, methods and meeting places that can become renewal and self-sufficiency of their own. The overall goal is that Upper Norrland within 5-10 years is a leader in the field of wireless communication, especially in technologies for sparsely populated communication, but also more generally. The innovation system established during the project stimulates the emergence of new services at the region's companies with high national and international value.

Target group
The target group includes both small and medium-sized companies that are already active in the area of ​​wireless communication and new entrants to widen their range of products and services.

The research in the project takes place within two subjects; signal processing and information systems.

Project period & Budget
The project runs between 2019-2021 and has a total budget of SEK 11 million.

Project owners
Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and Center for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT) are project owners. CDT is a collaboration center at LTU where telecommunications companies, IT companies, energy industry, service-oriented companies, universities and regional organizations jointly run development projects in information and communication technology. CDT was founded in 1994 by Ericsson, Telia and Luleå University of Technology. Östen Mäkitalo "the father of the mobile phone" was elected chairman. A number of companies have started via CDT. Among the spin-offs are Effnet, Operax, IT Norrbotten and Marratech.

Contact information
Jan-Olov Johansson
+46 (0) 70 619 22 31

Project owners

The project is run together with